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ECRS Catapult POS Support

ECRS Catapult POS Support


General Questions

Catapult is a very powerful system with a lot of features and I've spent many years digging around every corner of it. Most of what I know I taught myself because the initial training from ECRS was not nearly enough. I often find that Catapult's help section is unhelpful and my tickets submitted to ECRS leave me without the answer I was looking for. If you ever wonder how to do something in Catapult, I may be able to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

In-Store Catapult Transition Support

Are you switching to Catapult POS or opening a new store? With my on-site support I will ensure a smooth transition/opening. There is a lot of data entry that goes into starting a Catapult POS system successfully. I can be there to help develop your database, train your employees, ensure a smooth opening day, and even stay to help develop your system further (eg. invoice entry, inventory, troubleshooting, etc).

Database Development

If your product database isn't as complete or as useful as you'd like it, you've met the right person. I can get your departments and categories organized, your product information accurate, and your order information in place (if applicable). I can recommend data models or setup your database per your instructions.

Thinking About Switching Your Store To Catapult?

I can give you an honest review of my experience with Catapult and whether or not it would be a good fit for your business or if another POS solution would be more suitable.


I can't claim to be able to fix every ECRS POS issue. Some problems will require the ECRS support team to login to the backend code on your database, something that I do not have access to. I do not work for ECRS Software Corp.